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TIAW is on a mission to inform, entertain and share. Our team of contributors all have unique views as well as expertise in a variety of subjects and are free to post what they want, when they want. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful, enthusiastic and open.

We vow to keep it fresh and cover a wide range of topics. (We are not in the business of taking one subject and running it into the ground like most blogs.)

We vow to never redirect you elsewhere without first providing insight on why you should give it your attention.

We vow to respect your opinions/comments and partake in fruitful dialogue.

We vow to never waste your time (unless it’s for a really, really good reason).

We vow to attempt to make you think.

NOTE: The views expressed in this blog are those of the individual contributor who post them.

Questions, comments, complaints, concerns & requests can be sent to TIAW founder and administrator:

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