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I Hate Gamestop

In Society, Video Games on November 15, 2009 at 10:42 AM

I find that with each and every visit to Gamestop I find myself hating the establishment just a little bit more.

My disposition towards the game vendor has slowly festered to a blackened husk, and my resentment to myself only grows as I keep returning there to buy games. It’s not that they don’t have a great selection, or that their prices are too high, quite the contrary actually. Typically when I go to GameStop I leave with the product I wanted for the price that I was expecting. What makes me want to beat the employees to death with the claw end of a hammer is the goddamn INCESSENT nagging about reserving games and taking advantage of their used game selection. As time wears on I regard these two policies as affronts to humanity, though I realize my position may be seen as somewhat extremist.

I used to go to GameStop, get my games, and be content. When they first started the reservation policy it was actually convenient, no more worries about having to wait for a new shipment to come in for popular games. But now it has devolved to the point where the employees seem to be trying to harangue you into believing that it is a privilege for you to buy these games from them. That they are a rare commodity that must be “reserved” lest you miss out on the initial release. WTF is that? They are a video game retailer they should be well stocked with video games.

My rage for this reservation system began with the release of the first “Gears of War.” I had reserved the game a month prior, eager for “E-DAY” as the clever marketing advertisements painted it. I received a call from the automated Gamestop calling system telling me that my copy had arrived and it could be picked up during store hours. So I make the drive to the mall, fight my way through throngs of people, get to the store, and…. “Out of stock.” “Sorry,” they say, but I’ll have to wait for the next shipment, “come back tomorrow.”

Disheartened I made my way to Best Buy in the hopes that they might have the product I sought. Upon 5 minutes in the store I saw displays with DROVES of copies of the game. So I bought it, returned to Gamestop, patiently explained that they could fuck off, and got my reservation deposit back. Since then I have scorned the idea of reserving a game.

I’ve been jaded towards GameStop ever since, yet I keep returning to buy games from them for they are the closest video game distributor in my area and I don’t abhor the policy enough to spend more gas money.  I do refuse to reserve games however and I also refuse to buy used games since they are usually priced only 5 dollars lower than a brand spankin’ new copy. I spent five minutes one day arguing with a employee on why I wanted a new Little Big Planet and not simply a used one. I tried to laugh it off and chuckle about how I like opening the shrink wrap but I resolved to giving him an icy stare and uttering, “Just give me the new copy” between gritted teeth and a twitching cornea.

The other day I went in to pick up Uncharted 2 and when I asked the clerk “Could I got a copy of Uncharted 2?”  he responded with,

“Did you reserve it?” with the undertone that I was stupid if I didn’t.

“No,” I replied.

“…. Well we have one right here, you got lucky.”

So I kind of just gave him a “wtf” look and paid my total. I’m sure that he must say such things lest he be sodomized by the corporate entities behind the individual retail stores but I still can’t help but want to spew ulcerous fluids at such encounters. Maybe because I was such a whore once for Staples and such exchanges bring to light suppressed memories of being a puppet for those empty and tainted policies that my hatred is both internal and external. Nightmares resurfacing of dancing to the strings of some malevolent entity running the company from afar, his invisible eye ever present.

I just can’t seem to be okay with the idea of supporting a company that buys games from little kids and confused parents for a pittance of the original costs, sells them for $5 less than retail robbing the developers of money, and then creates this disillusionment that every new game NEEDS to be reserved or else the customer will miss out. I’m not even going to delve into the new gimmick of giving away special in-game features with reservations for fear of bursting into flame. I DON’T WANT YOUR STUPID SPECIAL IN-GAME BASEBALL BAT, LEFT 4 DEAD 2!

… Yes I do 😦

  1. Loved the ranting!

  2. I stopped going to gamestop ever since the 360 came out. I paid in full and reserved it like they asked…and still didn’t have a reservation. They only know how to take the reservation, not hold the reservation.

    it ended up being an ok day since most of that money was store credit that they gave it back as cash.

  3. As some one who’s worked for Gamestop for two years now, I can say that some of your points are valid, while others are just missing the point entirely. You have to understand that the employees are just doing their job. We have a boss that gives us guidelines, and we have to hit those numbers, or else we can actually be fired. As for if you’ve reserved a copy of the game…if we don’t do that, and we just pull one off the shelf, but you had reserved it and already paid $5 towards the price of that game, you will proceed to yell and rant at us about the price being $5 higher that it should be. But we ask you if you’ve reserved it…and you repsond with a yes or no…either way, we just saved ourselves from being yelled at.

    And you say the reason you go to Gamestop is because it’s the closest retailer near you, and you don’t want to waste the $5 in gas money to drive to another store…but then you proceed to say that you’d prefer to buy a new copy because it’s only $5…

    • Jul13Cameron Harris I will concede that the cost of deepvoling games has skyrocketed in the last few years, but this does not excuse the PSN pass.1.The company originally sold the original game so they still received money.2.This sets a precedent for other industries to do something like this(movies)3.I will agree that smaller companies should implement something like this, but only the big name companies (EA,Sony) are doing this and they are not lacking development funds.4.Okami was not a flop because of development cost, it was a flop because it was a niche title. Madworld was a flop because it was a rated M title on the Wii.

  4. …you sound like a bit of a hypocrite. You either want to save money, or you don’t.

    And don’t worry, I understand that you only like to buy new games. Heaven forbid that you buy a game that some one else has actually touched. Gross. But keep in mind that if you’re buying a new game with no shrink wrap, myself or another employee has already played it. 😉

    • thats a lie!!! new games are not allowed to be taken out….and since you said you worked there….YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS!

  5. i mean, i dont hate the people who work at gamestop but i hate the policies that are manifest through the employees. Im sure Regan from the exorcist is a perfectly fine human being but while possessed by demonic spawn she comes off as a bit of a cunt.

    and your statement, “keep in mind that if you’re buying a new game with no shrink wrap, myself or another employee has already played it.” just gives some credibility to my inconsistent and hypocritical views

  6. When I hate a place I tend to stop
    going to it, but for some reason you keep going back and then Bitch about it afterwards. As for my experiences with game stop it has been nothing but positive. So maybe your weird feelings about paying 5$ extra for plastic needs to be solved others ways. I tend to buy used now mainly because games are over priced and when you return the game you get the same amount back anyways. But my ultimate suggestion for you is to get gamefly, 8.99$ a month and you can play as many games as you want and never have to go to game stop.

  7. meh i wanted that bat

  8. As a store manager of Gamestop I can honestly say this is a soul sucking endless, lifeless job that only cares about money, not the customer or even their employees. My boss yells at for not getting pre orders. So if we ask it’s cause we have to, or face a write up. I told my dm and rm I was going back to school this summer. Know what they did? Wrote me up and said I have to make a choice- school or work. I’m only doing this crappy job cause I have a morage. I’m doing everything I can to be fired. As an employee of Gamestop I say just stop going. Walmart is doing preoders and does better on trades.

  9. i find is good for anything garems could want every time i type something in thats game related ign shows up so it has a fair widespread range stuff. either that or kotaku.

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