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How Do You Rent?

In Film on September 29, 2009 at 2:02 PM

I really feel like re-watching The Mist.

I’m not sure what it is that’s driving me. I saw it when it first came to DVD and it has stuck with me since. Now, Halloween is coming up (or so every store in the mall keeps telling me) and I’m in the mood for something on the scary side. Not to mention, I’ve finally connected the dots and realized that it stars Thomas Jane, the lead of one of my favorite new shows Hung. So I can’t wait to revisit his performance.

So the question becomes: how do I get it?

It isn’t the type of movie I see myself owning and re-watching frequently so I figured I’d rent it. But how should I do that? There’s so many possibilities now. I have my own favorite methods but I’m curious as to how my peers go about this process.

And thus, the following poll:

My issue with buying things outright is that I now limit myself to purchasing only Blu-Rays. So, while I could buy it on the cheap on DVD, I prefer not to continue to build an antiquated library. And Blu-Rays aren’t cheap enough to buy on a whim.

On a different note, it’s sad that all these news stories say Blockbuster and the like are on their way out. Even though my preferred method of rental nowadays is my PS3 and its Playstation Network, I still find myself in Blockbuster at least once a month. Not even necessarily to rent. Everytime I walk through those doors I spend a good hour there. Just wandering. Reminding myself of what’s out. Reading boxes. Seeing if there are any good deals on pre-owned discs. Renting video games.

(Because, let’s face it, Blockbuster is still the best way to rent video games, hands down. Demoes give you just enough to let you know if it’s worth playing more of, but not enough to convince you if it’s worth owning and replaying. That’s where the rental comes in.)

Like I said, I prefer my PS3 now for a number of reasons. The most important one being its convenience. I never need to leave the house. Not to mention leave the house twice. (Once to rent, once to return.) Also, the PSN fulfills my need for high definition. And I’ve always been satisfied with its download speeds, visual and audio fidelity, reliability, playback options etc.

But video stores will always hold a place in my heart. Growing up I used to dream of one day owning my own video store. I’d know everyone in town and make great recommendations and talk movies all day etc etc. But that dream lives on no more, not only for me but for just about everyone. There’s not much to say and not much can be done. Newer methods of rental are undeniably better. It’s just a shame to see such a big part of my/our past fade away.

Others thoughts? Either on the decline of rental outlets or the poll results?

  1. There’s always something nice about renting out movies from Blockbusters. I think it just reminds me of the good times when my dad and I would go out and find something to bring back home to watch.

    A friend of mine bought Planet Earth in Blu-Rays and it was so ill! All the details and the sharp images blew my mind. He said it was like $80 or something with his Best Buy discount. I’m definitely not able to afford anything like that right now!

  2. Redbox if it’s new, the internet if it isn’t!

  3. I tend to buy my favorite movies in blu ray format, if its a soso movie, then ill try to stream it from netflix via my friends account, but if its not on netflix, then a bit-torrenting i will go

  4. I usually go to grocery store to rent…two day rental for $1.99…but no blue-ray available. I just heard of a brand new way to rent video games…just like Netflex, but I forget the name of the company…all they do is rent out video games…you make out your list, recieve one in the mail…as soon as you send it back, they send another one. Gee, wonder where they got that idea?

  5. What about the library? That is where we get our movies. Up to five DVDs at one time… free and legal.

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