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Selling Out

In Business, Society on September 21, 2009 at 12:29 AM

“Oh, to be employed,” I thought to myself as sat in my bed for nearly three months of this past summer doing absolutely nothing.

Well, absolutely nothing in between the many festivals and shows and Phish concerts I attended with the help of my graduation money.

Cursing my dwindling bank account, but reveling in the freedom of my schedule, I wonder if maybe I am destined to a life of hippie-dom, floating from show to show, bumming off of my parents, and scraping by in life just enough to enjoy myself, but not enough to feel like I am actually contributing to society.

Then I got a job.

For the first week I hold onto my pre-working lifestyle tightly. The night before my first day I stay up late out of protest. I watch Larry King’s senile ass like I had been for the entire summer, even though he is on at 3 a.m. and I need to be up for 8 o’ clock the next morning. The next day I nearly fall asleep during my training, and instead of going to bed earlier that night, I drink double the coffee at work the following day.

I come home for my hour lunch break. And despite my every instinct I blaze with my sister during that hour. I go back to work paranoid, out of it, and just generally dumb, but it’s worth it because I prove to the world that I’m not going to give up my life for a stupid job. I tell myself that, OK, maybe toking isn’t the best course of action when you’re trying to learn two intensive computer programs, but I still smoke two more lunch breaks after that before I finally give it up. Actually, I run out of weed.

A couple more days go by. I find myself making promises to myself that I know I wont keep. I refuse to let my newfound schedule hinder me from working out, and despite my early evening tiredness I still drag ass to the gym and do 50 minutes of cardio (plus weight training) five times a week. I look forward to my post-workout glass of wine (make that two) and a few episodes of me and my mother’s favorite show, In Treatment. Or, depending on the Netflix delivery schedule, I pour that glass of wine and curl up in bed.

I sit down at my computer, “Ah, tonight’s the night I will write that piece about working for This Is A Weblog. Right after I smoke this customary peace pipe for inspiration.”

I get to feelin’ pretty inspired, and at this point I have already drank 2/3rds of the glass of wine, so I decide to play a little Tetris before I write. I wake up with my laptop hot on my thighs. It is 3 a.m. I finish the wine and blink and it’s 8 a.m. I’m awoken not by my alarm clock, but by the sound of me yelling “noooo” at my alarm clock. I tell myself I will go to bed earlier that night, that sometimes we have to compromise our ideal lifestyle for work. That’s why it’s called work.

After a few more weeks of this, my 8 a.m. alarm turns into my 8:17 alarm. My Larry King Live appointment turns into YouTube clips of Charlie Rose; I can watch those at anytime, and besides Larry sucks now. My midday blaze session turns into my nightcap. My bedtime glass of wine turns into the “Can I finish this glass of wine before I pass out?” game. My weekends are no longer for partying, but for catching up on sleep. I start to see the barefoot and free version of myself from the summer slipping away. I wonder what I am becoming.

A month goes by and I get my first paycheck. I grimace when I see the hunk of taxes taken out, but grin when I take another hunk of cash out and put it toward my car savings. I buy a Man Man ticket as soon as it goes onsale without hesitation. I charge $114 on my American Eagle credit card. I even overdraft my checking account just because I want to buy a good bottle of wine. I look at myself in the mirror, adnored with a new blouse, pair of pants and red-stained teeth, and I know that I have become a corporate whore.

  1. Editor’s Note: Just want to clarify, in case some people still don’t realize it (which you really should by now) I, Bill George, DO NOT write everything on the blog. I am the administrator, editor and an author but there are many other contributors such as the writer of the above post. To find out who wrote a certain post, simply look for their name in grey above the title of the article.

  2. Unfortunatly your preaching to the choir in your overally dramatic dipiction of real life. Unlike you I actually worked through out highschool and college so there wasn’t a realization of ” oh crap I need a job “. If you weren’t bumming around seeing bad bands that are way past their time and in doing so they are still getting 40$ a pop from people like you, you would still have some money left over to buy a clue. As for your obsession with wine, try not drinking. You’ve taken up a unhealthy and unessasary habbit. No one needs to drink and especially wine which is just a bunch of aged grapes, but these are all life lessons I learned long ago , goodluck with your wasted degree.

  3. And with that, the long run of civility I’ve attempted to foster and maintain on the site has come to an end.

  4. Sorry that your free ride has reached it’s apex. And by “sorry” I mean not at all.

    You seem to be well on your way to “selling out”. You are not quite there yet. You’ll know when you reach the pinnacle of corporate whoredom when you completely compromise your lifestyle because of a job you hate. Remember the montage in the movie “Stepbrothers” near the end when Dale and Brennan started going to bed early, buying toilet paper, paying bills, etc. ? Once you reach this point, you can consider yourself sold out.

    But until you cut back on the wine, find yourself hitting the hay closer to 11:00 (and not 3:00) to get up in time for another day of passionless/pointless work, as well as putting down the peace pipe, you haven’t sold out quite yet.

  5. actually this weekend i got a press pass for my website and went to a festival, interviewed several bands as well as danced till 6 a.m. and chugged boxed wine until 8 a.m.

    now i’m sitting at work reading these lovely responses.

    i guess i really can do both– ad trafficker by day, music journalist by night šŸ™‚

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  6. Nice work. Way to juggle responsibilities! I’m a little confused as to why this article got people so heated – I applaud your efforts to retain your free-spirited summer self. If you can do it, and maintain a vestige of professionalism at the office, what’s the ish?

    I especially like that your webmaster felt the need to distance himself from this highly controversial piece. Hmm .. on Buntology, we stand by our contributors — boxed wine or no.

    Ange, as a wise man once said .. You’re doing a great fucking job.

  7. A two-page article about “selling out”, followed by a comment on how you can do both…?

    I feel the premise is misleading. You went in saying that you sold out and provided nothing that indicated that you had to compromise your principles or integrity. In fact you went further to state (in your comment) that you DIDN’T have to compromise and that you could have your cake (or boxed wine in this case) and eat (or drink) it too.

    So that means you didn’t sell out, you simply juggled your responsibilities.

  8. To be clear: I absolutely, 100% stand by all the contributors of this site. I support them in every way possible and give them an outlet for their wonderful thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

    However, at times, people misread the site and assume I write everything on it. In this instance, I wanted to reinforce that that’s not true, because I know for a fact my employer reads the site.

    I wasn’t attempting to distance myself from Ange, I was making sure to prevent confusion that could ultimately affect me professionally or otherwise. And before leaving that note I personally contacted Ange and received her blessing to do so.

  9. i second that ange. you do it successfully. dont explain yourself, just show the video of what we did at wormtown.

    and that wise man is a genius. you ARE doing a great fucking job.

    p.s.-hunter s thompson anyone?

  10. hahahaha i love you ange. that guy is obviously stifled beyond words. rockkk on sister… can’t wait to go on tour with you next summer with your press passes!!!!!!

  11. i’m confused. Your definition of a corporate whore is someone who spends their money on clothes, wine and concert tickets, and goes to work every day?
    It’s not like you agreed to kill kittens, here.
    also, have you really never had to do the whole daily responsibilities thing before?
    work hard play hard does not a corporate whore make.

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