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McCartney At Fenway

In Music on August 8, 2009 at 7:27 PM

Generally, when I am at a concert I notice that there is an indeterminable amount of people around me bobbing their heads, tapping their toes, and occasionally rhythmically swinging their hips to the tunes. I have never been one of these people. I am a person who looks around at this unspoken choreography going on in the crowd around me and thinks, “How does that happen? I guess I should bob my head or something,” for fear that the people in my immediate vicinity might mistake me for an upright corpse struck with rigor mortis.

However, I became all of those people effortlessly the other night when I saw Paul McCartney at Fenway Park. I can recall certain times during the night where I came to certain realizations, such as the realization that my leg was moving at regular intervals without my knowledge to the beat of Lady Madonna and that my voice box was indeed “na-na-naaaing” with the rest of the crowd for the end of Hey Jude. It is the fact that the music brought out these seldom seen functions in me that I knew I was witnessing an amazing performance.

I must say I was hesitant to shell out $215 two weeks ago on tickets for me and my girlfriend but after all is said in done I can say that it would have been worth it had I only been there for the A Day in the Life / Give Peace a Chance rendition. I remember being covered in goosebumps suddenly and intensely as soon as I heard that familiar, elegant guitar strum accompanied by the melodic entrance of the piano keys.

Not all the tracks were Beatles tracks however, a good number of the songs at the concert’s start were from his solo career, which I can’t say I’m too familiar with. I didn’t mind this though because it made those few initial songs played from the Beatles all the more magical. I love the Beatles, though I have always just classified them as classic rock and never once thought I’d be hearing those familiar songs sung by one of them. They were a golden relic that I wouldn’t ever think I’d experience which made hearing those songs performed by one of the two surviving members one of the most memorable experiences I will ever hope to have. I cannot believe that two weeks ago I was contemplating missing a living legend because I would be tired for work the next morning.

Aside from my overwhelming feelings of Beatles nostalgia this concert inspired in me, the concert itself was fantastic. I mildly feared that the show might be something that sells just by having Paul McCartney’s name attached to it and was skeptical of the quality I would experience.

These notions were quickly dismissed as the 67 year old performer gave one hell of a show starting out by gallivanting around the stage singing Drive my Car and performing 33 more songs (double encore) and finishing it off with an amazing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) with a firework speckled Live and Let Die thrown into the mix. After all these years the gent is a damn fine performer and his voice remains untainted by age.

Even though I was in a crowded stadium, with full knowledge that the same thing would be happening the next night with a whole new slew of people, and that Mccartney still had more places to stop and many thousands more to entertain, I felt like I was personally being treated to something special. Something must be said for the man who can entertain a crowd sitting at such a distance that he looks to be but a gnome playing with miniature instruments. If McCartney were to ever tour again I may just have to put up with the extravagant prices for some of the closer seats. After all, memorable experiences happen just the one time, money comes back.

  1. so true. that show sounds amazing! i had a similar experience when i saw phish at fenway back in may. thousands and thousands of people all on the same wavelength is a very cool thing. you can like, feel the energy mannnn. it’s true, though. it was a very spiritual experience!

  2. well, technically he ended with “The End” right after Sgt Peppers reprise… I was just standing around outside fenway and the sound was great– and being part of a little group of people hanging around outside to save some money but still loving every minute was pretty fun too.

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