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Favorite Band: Do You Have One?

In Music on August 1, 2009 at 11:20 PM

I don’t know if this has happened to you but I seem to be continuously taking part in the following scenario: I meet someone new or are becoming better acquainted with someone. We discuss pop culture, tastes, interests etc. They ask me what my favorite band is. I stare at them blankly.

Truth be told: I don’t have a favorite band.

Don’t get me wrong, I love music. (I must, seeing as I have 46 gigabytes worth of it.) But I’ve never fallen in lockstep with one band and considered them the be all, end all. There will be spats of time where I only seem to listen to one band. But then I get tired of it and move on to another. Only to rediscover that first band again 9 months down the road and realize (again) how amazing they are. Then get tired of them (again) and move on. And so the cycle continues over and over again, band after band, artist after artist.

But I’ve never had one band or artist that is it. I’ve never had a group that defines me as a person. That sums me up. That I see every time they are playing in the area. Whose website I check daily. I don’t really have any shirts with bands on them. Growing up I never really had posters for musicians etc.

On the other side of the coin, I know people who live by a certain band. That band and their music is everything to them. They have the shirts, they go to the shows, they subscribe to the newsletter, it’s always playing in their car etc. To the point where if someone mentions that band, you immediately think of that person. There is a direct association between that person and the band that they worship.

I’m not one of those people. And, you know what, sometimes I wish I was.

I’m envious of the stability of that relationship. Whatever happens in life, that person has that band. That person is secure in the knowledge that they share a special bond with that group (in their mind at least) and always will, whenever times are tough.

But simultaneously, I can’t help but feel the idea of a favorite band, or complete devotion to one artist, is a bit short sighted. One dimensional even. There is so much music in the world. And I’m sure these people like other music but to be so tethered (or so they make it seem publicly) seems unnecessary. Maybe that is how these people really feel, or maybe they just like having that stand-out characteristic that helps define them. I’m not sure.

All I know is, I don’t have a single favorite band. Never have. And I imagine, never will. Anyone else with me on this one? Or should I just pick one I feel comfortable naming if someone asks and be done with it?

  1. I think you are a typical guy that has a problem with commitment. You just move from song to song band to band, stuck in Party Shuffle (before it was called iTunes DJ). I think it’s time to pick one band and settle down. A band that you stick by through good albums and bad albums. A band that you could wake up listening to every morning, without its album art. A band that fuels your Genius Playlist.

  2. You need to pick a favorite band. There has to be that band or singer that you would pay top dollar to see live. Having a favorite band is amazing. I love being the guy who loves Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose as artists. Hold on… I just counted and I have four Guns N’ Roses shirts… one… I take that back (I bought a duplicate that night)… two rare concert shirts from a concert that I was lucky enough to attend (four shows sold out in 3 minutes flat). Like PeteyV said, a band you can stick with through the good and bad albums. It is like having that favorite sports teams that you always have to watch.

    Mr. Bill George… lets us know what you have decided…

  3. Now when reading your article I completely agree that some people live by one band and look stupid but at the same time having your favorite band is something special. I am one of those people that people think of when they hear Radiohead. They are definitly my favorite band mainly because they have such a variation in music style and I always find myself listening to them. When saying I have a favorite band I take it very seriously because i listen to a ton of music and i’ve only had a few favorite bands in my time. Being that I’ve played music my whole life I guess I listen more to what the artists are playing , especially in the sense that I listen to albums in whole while most people need to shuffle everything, but your loosing the whole point of what an album is. The problem with this whole topic is that If you need to discuss if you should claim to have a favorite band or not you probably don’t have one.

  4. i dont understand the concept of having a favorite band forever, I feel musical tastes generally change as the person does. I have a favorite band for certain time periods, one that i will listen to 90% of the time, then it gets gradually phased out by another band i come to love. Once there was pink floyd, then tool, then tool was phased out by modest mouse, then modest mouse was overcome by Man Man, which has held the title for quite some time now.

  5. Yeah I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to not having a favorite band. However like Matt said, throughout my life there were certain periods in which I could call a band my favorite. Later on in my recent years I would have a few bands at a time that I would call my favorite. But overall I can’t choose just one because I have a wide array of taste in music and certain music is relevant to me at certain times. And once my so called favorite or favorite bands at the time no longer sustain that title, its not that I don’t listen to them anymore. I basically set them aside and wait until I’m in the mood for them again and then I’ll listen to them.

    So far I have never had a favorite band repeat in my life. I just add new ones to my list. It’s almost like I set them aside into a Favorite Band Hall of Fame or Vault.

    • Great place, on a really nice half-block in Bridgeport, too (bunch of night spots on that ltlite street)… can’t say they wouldn’t do better with cover bands, though, but that’s true in most cases.Can’t say I’d be there for Black Taxi, but if Werewolf Police ever play there again…

      • All of the above.JRock/Pop the most thoughGackt, High and Mightly Color, Yui, Namie Amuro, Gazette, Dir eng Grey, Larcenciel, Nightmare [and so many otrehs]KPop:Super Junior, Rain, DBSKCPop:S.H.E., Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou-email me if you want any other bands [I have a lot]- 🙂

  6. Bill don’t ever chose a favorite band. Your flare for variety is what makes you unique. Did Picasso have a favorite band? I don’t think so…

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  7. I am an older reader of this blog…I grew up in the 70’s when bands were at their absolute best. I saw local Boston bands in night clubs before the rest of the country even knew how great they were…and of course they went on to become some of the most famous bands still today…need I say Aerosmith and Boston. Anyway, I went to over 300 concerts in the 70’s and never had one specific favorite band…I liked a lot of bands. Now that I’m older I do have one or two favorite bands that I stick to and listen to all the time. But what I have come to realize is that they are not my favorites because of their music, but they are my favorites because of the memories they stir up when I listen to them. They take me back to a moment in time or
    a specific incident in time that is fond to me…I’m sure you know what I mean. So my thought is that maybe people choose their favorite bands not soeley based on the band’s music but based on a feeling they get when they listen to their music…
    That place in time that their favorite band takes them back to time and time again.

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