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(Real) Life On The Farm

In Video Games on July 27, 2009 at 11:34 PM

These days it seems like every new video game on the market is playing a game of “can you top this,” with a million possible story lines and insanely realistic graphics. Sure, for uber nerds gamers that want to devote the time, these developments in gaming technology are fantastic.

But what about the regular people who don’t feel like scouring the internet to discover the correct code to unlock Vault 9 in such-and-such game? (OK, Fallout.) I don’t need to see a character’s pumping veins or the gruesome details of a chemical spill to be impressed by the “realness” of a game. You want to see real? I suggest you pick up a Game Boy Advance SP and play a little Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town was developed in 2005 by Natsume Inc., and is one of many versions of the RPG. While each model of Harvest Moon is slightly different, the premise of the story remains the same: Your character inherits a farm for X amount of time, and must make it profitable while also building a life for his or herself.

In the 2005 version the lead character is female (a blonde which I have some issues with), but there’s certainly no gender discrimination in Mineral Town. Clearing land, tilling, planting and harvesting crops are all a must to survive in the game, and, if you want to survive past your first winter, you’ll need to purchase livestock, learn how to fish, and collect logs to make home improvements with. If you can find any free time in between all that intensive labor than you’d better take a walk through the neighborhood, because in this game you’re also expected to socialize with the residents of Mineral Town (something that may be traumatic for the agoraphobic gamers out there).

Me, or my character Angie-Poo, has been living on Jaded Field Farm (I started playing the game after a breakup) for almost a year, and I have three chickens (all named Minski), one cow and one sheep. And a horse that was given to me by the mayor, but I think he might be lame because he’s legitimately been with me for a ten months and hasn’t grown at all, or maybe I should remember to feed him more. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so distracted if one of the game’s biggest features wasn’t to get married and have kids. That’s right folks, just like life, if you don’t get a mate during your time on the farm everyone in the town will think you’re a big fat loser, and you’ll probably die alone while everybody else couples off and then you’ll be the only person in North Adams– uhh, I mean Mineral Town, to not have a boyfriend.

I spent my first few months on the farm swooning over Kai, an island boy with a purple doo-rag who works at Mineral Beach during the summer. He really loved it when I brought him honeycomb and he even got a purple heart for me, until he left town without any warning and we haven’t talked in months. Typical male. Now I’m stuck trying to court Gray, a young blacksmith with enough emotional baggage to supply an army– just like I like ’em. I visit him and his grandpa at work and always bring him an egg, but he doesn’t seem too appreciative.

The One That Got Away...

The One That Got Away...

He Has So Much Animosity Toward His Grandfather

He Has So Much Animosity Toward His Grandfather

It’s winter on the farm right now, but oddly the game has many similarities to my current summer in North Adams: boring, barren, friendless, lots of wood cutting and mining, milking cows, sheering sheep, and many failed attempts at seducing socially retarded men. Yup, it all sounds a little too familiar to this girl.

Harvest Moon 3

Harvest Moon 4

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to head to bed. I’ve already been to the doctor’s once this week for exhaustion and come tomorrow this cow isn’t gonna milk himself. A woman’s work is never done.

[Editors Note – This is the first post courtesy of a new contributor, Angela Bunt, who founded and edits her own communal blog: Be sure to check it out!]

  1. “… and many failed attempts at seducing socially retarded men” hahah another great article from buntology…thanks for keeping me entertained at work

  2. hmm .. “this cow isn’t going to milk himself” — pretty sure all milkable cows are girls, you know, with the milk and whatnot. Perhaps this is why your farm sucks and my farm, Buntology farm, prospers.

    Did I mention I’m married to a doctor, have a barnful of cattle and sheep, and my horse won its past two races? Just sayn.

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