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My Primary Home Screen And Why

In Technology on July 7, 2009 at 12:26 AM

1st Home Screen

Above is an image of the primary home screen on my iPhone 3GS. I recently rearranged it and have been very pleased with my current setup. So much so, I rarely check the other screens, except when searching for games. Which I consider a good thing.

So, here is the breakdown, going top to bottom, left to right.

SAFARI – Built in web browser. ‘Nuff said.

BYLINE$4.99One of the best apps The best app I’ve ever purchased. It’s an RSS reader that syncs with my Google Reader account. Anything I read on the road and mark as read, is marked as read in greader, so if I check my feeds online or through EventBox, I never get repeats. It’s perfect. I love it. (I just hope it gets push notification support so I can see a badge with the number of unread articles.)

TWEETIE$2.99 – Best twitter app I’ve found. I used Tweetsville for a long time but one day it failed to update for me and I moved on. And I found a lot more to like in Tweetie, like the ability to see people’s profiles, followers and who they follow etc. Also has a nice clean interface.

DONE$.99 – Easy to use, color coded to-do list manager. Best part: you can take a snapshot of your list and set it as your background, so every time you wake your phone you see a slick, priority sorted, color coded list of things you have to do.

AP MOBILEFree – AP Mobile is an associated press news app that utilizes push notifications, including sounds, badges or pop-over alerts. I decided to have a dedicated news app instead of flooding my greader with a CNN feed. So far it’s working out pretty well.

MAPS – Built in Google Maps, perfect for GPS and directions. Especially with the 3GS’ built in compass that will reorient the google map depending on which direction you are facing. (Except when there is ‘compass interference.’ Lame.)

PHOTOS, CAMERA – Also have my camera set to come up when I double-tap the home button. Never know when you’re going to need it quickly.

FACEBOOKFree – Of course. Although I hope it gets updated to include events. It has zero event support right now.

BANK OF AMERICAFree – A life saver. Let’s me view my accounts and transfer funds on the fly. A requirement for any BofA customer.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL MAX$2.99 – Yes, I know there is a free app that’s very similar from the same people, but it’s ad supported and the ads take up about a third of the screen! I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I spent the money and sprung for the clean one. It’s so much easier to read and use. Great forecasts, radars, severe weather alerts etc. Must have.

22 NEWSFree – Local news that you can’t find on something like AP Mobile. Gotta stay in touch with the community.

iPOD, iCAL, CLOCK, APP STORE – All built in. All essential.

And finally, the constant four:

PHONE, MESSAGES, MAIL, SETTINGS – The key things I find myself checking regardless of what home screen I may be looking at. If I’m playing a game or looking at something and I’m interrupted, it’s because I get an email or call or text or need to adjust my settings. Gotta have access to them at all times.

Alright. So that’s me. What is everyone else doing? Give a shout out for your favorite apps in the comments below!

  1. I really dig your blog. Thanks for sharing. Very informative.

  2. You make me want to buy an iPhone now.

  3. Great list. Look into Evernote. Cool free service with great app.

  4. Like: Bottom row layout and Safari in the top left corner.

    Dislike: The lack of justification for keeping the Clock App as a main element of your home screen. I use the calculator more then the Clock App. and only really use the clock for an alarm when I’m away from home.

    Personally, I find that I keep the home screen fairly stock (save for facebook) and organize the other two pages to contain mainstay apps that I love to have just in case on page two and page three I save for my “flavor of the week” apps that may or may no become mainstay applications.

    This blog entry however, has inspired me to mix it up a bit. The first time I have since 2.0 came out.

  5. Ah, a fair point about the clock. Allow me to explain: A.) I use it as an alarm clock, so I set it every night. B.) Whenever I go on breaks at work I use either the stopwatch or the countdown to make sure I’m back within the appropriate time frame. Which, right there, means I use it multiple times a day. Hence its place on my primary screen.

  6. I can’t believe you spent money on an app. That’s the biggest waste of money I’ve ever heard of.

  7. I would just like to point out to the previous commentor that the apps that I use the most and recommend to people are paid apps. That being said if you can afford an iPhone you can afford to pay 99 cents to pay for an app.

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