Mr. Bill George Presents

“The Dome” By Steven Millhauser

In Comedy on June 28, 2009 at 9:06 PM

I desperately felt the need to share Alec Baldwin‘s reading of The Dome by Stephen Millhauser instead of keeping it to myself (as I have for a few months now).

I heard only a portion of it once while driving to work and could not stop thinking about it that entire day until I got home and found it. I downloaded the podcast it was a part of and finally heard the story in its entirety and have since listened to it another handful of times, picking up on something new every time.

It was read as part of a selection of short stories on an NPR podcast and I present it to you here:

(Sooo, I had trouble uploading the audio file so I just threw up a graphic and made it a video because I knew that would work. If you want to directly download the file, you can access it here: )

  1. that was awesome! alec is the only baldwin who isn’t ridic.

  2. This was excellent. When was it written mr bill? Any more information…
    Reminded me of Buckminster Fuller and all of his crazy domes, it must have been written around the same time he was working.

  3. I can seem to find it to be honest with you. Wikipedia only briefly touches on it and all my google searches point to a book called ‘Dangerous Laughter’ which is a collection of his stories and was released in March of 2008.

  4. Thank you VERY much for hosting this. I heard it on ‘Weekend Edition’ this past weekend and HAD to have a copy.

  5. Oh, thank you so much! I have been looking for this for a while, after myself and a girlfriend heard it on NPR one day.

  6. […] life as a closeted gay minister interrupted.  At the time, I was reading lots of short stories by Steven Millhauser, Etgar Keret, and Shalom Auslander.  If you know anything about these authors, you might not be […]

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