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Prized (Tech) Possessions

In Technology on June 16, 2009 at 12:48 PM

So I’m getting a new phone very soon and I’m very, very excited. But this change is not insignificant. It has given me pause and caused me to reflect. I’ve been using the same phone for a while now and we’ve been through a lot. It has been good to me, even if I have not been to it. It is one of many pieces of technology that has stuck with me, not often replaced by newer or better models.

Which made me think: what other tech do I have that won’t be replaced anytime soon? What other gear do I have that I consider a truly prized possession and has become virtually invaluable?

Here are the big three:

1. My (soon to be retired) Phone:


The Casio Gz’One phone in burgundy and gold. A color scheme only available if purchased at a Verizon kiosk in the now defunct Circuit City. That in and of itself makes it special. But the best part of the phone is its build quality. It is virtually indestructible. It’s shock resistant. It has plungers over all the ports, making it water resistant. And it’s dirt resistant. And (just like King Leonidas did to the Immortals) I’ve put its name to the test. And it has passed time and time again.

I love the weight of it in my hand. I love how I never have to worry about its condition. I love how I can drop it anytime I want merely to prove a point. It’s a luxury so many phone owners don’t have.

What I won’t miss though are the cheap plastic belt clips. I’ve gone through two already. (But that’s still not as bad as the six Razr clips I plowed through back in the day…)

2. My Microsoft Trackball Explorer

Microsoft Trackball

God I love this thing. One of the primary reasons it is so valuable to me is because it is so valuable period. They don’t make it anymore! Don’t ask me why. I love it and so do lots of people on the forums (yes, I’ve visited trackball forums… don’t judge me!). But the thing is selling for a couple hundred bucks on Amazon.

Would I ever sell mine? No. Regardless of the price (within reason). I just love it too much. The ball is moved by the fingers instead of the thumb like many trackballs today. It has a primary and secondary click seperated by a solid scroll wheel. All perfectly positioned. And then the biggie: it has forward and back buttons for your ring and pinky finger. And they work across apps, not just browsing. You can do next song or previous song in iTunes etc. It is the most functional and fast pointing peripherial I have ever come across.

3. My Gibson (originally made for GH3 but used exclusively for RB) Guitar Controller:


You have to picture mine with an American Flag face plate. I couldn’t find a picture online of one with it. And my camera is being lent out to a friend at the moment so I couldn’t take a personal shot. (Which shows you right there how my camera is not one of these prized possessions.)

Unlike the trackball, this item could easily be replaced if it breaks down. You can get one of these at any Best Buy (like I got mine) or Gamestop or online. But… it wouldn’t be the same, ya know? Sure, it’d be the same model. But it wouldn’t be the guitar that I finally beat Painkiller and Panic Attack with. It wouldn’t be the same guitar I’ve taken to endless Rock Band parties. It wouldn’t be the same guitar I’ve devoted hours of my life to beating Green Grass and High Tides with (still unfinished business there…).

This guitar has been with me a year or so, maybe even less. But I still feel like it has become an intimate part of my collection. It hangs on my wall like a trophy earned and comes with me wherever I go to rock. It will not soon be replaced.

But enough about me:

How about all of you? What gear do you have that seems indispensable? Shout out your stories in the comments!

  1. i suppose my ps2 guitar hero controller that i beat jordan (for gh2) with holds some special sentiments to me. so many hours spent hammering away on that cheap plastic.

    i would also say my bionic eye, but alas i don’t have one

  2. SNES. I may never have a child of my own, so that’s as close as I’ll get. Plus when i wear the SNES controller belt buckle I made it’s like I’m never that far away from 16 bit euphoria

  3. I’m still rocking the original G’Zone, sans the belt clips, as they are for pussies. This phone has survived over 200 skydives.

  4. My Logitech Trackball – Thumb Model.

    The same one I was using used when I suggested and weaned you off of your mouse way back when…remember?

    I told you you’d never go back. But the finger, I didn’t see that coming!

    Following YOUR lead this time…I married an iPhone yesterday!

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