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George Carlin. Richard Pryor. Barack Obama?

In News, Politics on June 13, 2009 at 10:21 PM

Guess what. I smiled the other day… more specifically at this video which aired on ABC News (and probably every other station on the planet). This video shows President Obama writing an excused absence note for the daughter of a man who was attending Obama’s town hall. The man’s daughter’s name was Kennedy. How perfect. Or… too perfect?

A lot of people have been clamoring that this whole thing was a fake, an attempt at the ultimate PR move. A President who is hip, who can roll with the people and dare I say be down to Earth. Now a lot of things lead me to believe that it was in fact genuine, (the shakiness of the Dad’s voice, Obama’s speech pattern, etc) but even if it’s not: Who cares?!

Maybe Obama isn’t cut out to be Richard Pryor at his town meetings, but he’s not supposed to be. At least it’s a step away from the fear mongering, brash, overconfident, town halls that Curious George (W. Bush) used to run. Remember those? Where he said that, “Human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully.” I am all for an administration that’s a little more out in the open, not one where Dick Cheney records captain’s logs from the bridge of the Starship PacemakerPrise.

But enough about Vice Presidents who shoot their friends in the face, let’s face facts: At the very smallest level, Obama gave this little girl a story that she will forever cherish, even if it was drawn up by Obama’s “people.” It takes a lot these days to even get me to watch the news, and based on the Big 3’s ratings a lot of people share my sentiment. But if there is a little glimmer that there’s some little bit of humanity in this world, particularly from our elected officials, I’m more apt to pay attention to the state of the nation.

Don’t take this post as pandering support for Obama, becuase I could care less who you voted for. Take it for what it is, a nice little story. Or maybe you would rather hear what Joe the Plumber/Welder/Barstool/Sixpack’s latest move is?


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