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Sony At E3 2009

In Technology, Video Games on June 2, 2009 at 4:18 PM

And last, but not least (well, technically it is in terms of sales) Sony had its own media briefing. And here is what went down:

Uncharted 2, M.A.G., Assassin’s Creed II, GT5, God of War 3 DemoedUncharted 1 was one of the PS3’s big exclusives that helped launch the system and the sequel looks pretty amazing in terms of graphics and intensity. M.A.G. is the 256 player online war game announced last year. But now we got to see it in action.

Is It A Big Deal? Uncharted 2, not so much. We’ve seen it already, this is just more of the same. Showing M.A.G. is a huge deal because everyone has been wondering how it looks and how it works. And if you ask me, it delivered. And of course God of War 3 is gonna be a huge, huge release and a major system seller in March.

PSP Go! Debuted50% smaller PSP with a slide up screen revealing the controls. 16 gig internal memory, downloadable games using built in Wifi etc. Sony says it won’t replace the full-on PSP but both will exist and be supported simultaneously. Available in October for $249.99.

Is It A Big Deal? Not for me, that’s for sure. Never been a big fan of the PSP (or handhelds in general) and the Go! is no exception. But if that’s your thing, then enjoy life without UMDs.

New PSP Games: Gran Turismo, MGS: Peace Walker, Resident Evil Portable, Little Big Planet, SOCOM et al. – Many games were announced and previewed including the next GT game for PSP and a new Metal Gear game made by the main team behind MGS4. Kojima says it isn’t a spin-off or a side story but a legitimate part of the canon. (Too bad it’s for the PSP…)

PSN News Final Fantasy VII now available for full download. And Home… well, it still exists…

Is It A Big Deal? FF7 is huge. Everyone loves that game (I’ve never actually played it… ssshh!) Home still stinks. Period.

Rockstar’s Next Game Will Be PS3 Exclusive – Sony announced the game Agent, made by the guys behind GTA etc.

Is It A Big Deal? Big time. Rockstar North seems to have the golden touch and the fact that their next game will be PS3 only is a big win.

Final Fantasy XIV AnnouncedIt’s PS3 exclusive (for real this time) and it’s online.

Is It ABig Deal? Yes. The announcement of a new FF is always big, not to mention it’s PS3 exclusive which helps Sony save face after last year’s surprise. And it’s an online game which will excite most fans.

Something Totally Original, Innovative and Never-Before-Seen in Video Games: Motion Controls! – Oh, wait… Anyway, in the spring of 2010, Sony will be releasing a motion controller that looks like a wand (similar to the Wiimote) with buttons on the handle and (for the tech demo at least) has a glowing sphere on the tip that the EyeToy tracks with 1-to-1 precision.

Is It A Big Deal? Believe it or not: yes. The Wii is finally getting 1-to-1 controls, Microsoft is doing controller-less motion and now the PS3 has its own 1-to-1 tracking that actually looks even more accurate than Nintendo’s (after watching the Resort demo at their briefing and comparing it to this). They made a  jab at Microsoft saying that buttons are necessary for motion controls, especially for FPS’s. And since it tracks the sphere itself and isn’t based on an IR sensor, you don’t have to worry about room lighting and sensor bars. Just the camera. It’s an interesting technology that could spice things up even more in the console war.

New Game Announced From Team-Ico The Last Guardian is a PS3 exclusive made by the team behind the phenomenal PS2 stand-outs Ico and (one of my personal favorites) Shadow of the Colossus.

Is It A Big Deal? You betcha. A lot of people have been waiting long and hard for what this team has to offer. And I’m sure it will not disappoint (even if it looks a bit weird).

Sony’s Overall Showing – Not too shabby. God of War 3, The Last Guardian and motion controls definitely stole the show and will keep people talking. Gonna be an interesting year for gamers, no doubt about it.

  1. yea the ps3’s motion looks alot better than xbox’s. if they were to come out with a fairly accurate sword fighting game my free time would be forfeit.

    and i wouldnt call many games “beautiful” but anything team ico does merits such a title

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