Mr. Bill George Presents

Will Ted Kennedy Really Get Away With Murder?

In Politics on May 26, 2009 at 4:00 PM

Wealthy people and celebitites are seldom accountable for some of the crimes they commit… including murder!

The Credit Card Bill of Rights is just another example.  Of course anything is an improvement over how we’ve been preyed upon and cheated over the past 20 years by these bankers and their Lawyers.  Let’s see if the banks out-maneuver our politicians and consumer groups over the next 9 months to negate many of the benefits.

This just highlights yet another injustice and one that we just have to swallow hard and accept because it’s never going to change.

Isn’t it amazing that our politicians and consumer groups would publicly state that  the banks have been “cheating Americans out of their hard-earned money” yet there’s no penalty, no fine and no consequence for how they have financially destroyed so many individuals and  families throughout the world.  We just change the rules in a “cat n’ mouse” game to see if we can prevent it in the future. 

However, we’ll send some little flim-flam man to jail for 5–10 years if he gets caught on a corner or in a bar cheating someone out of $10 in a three card monte game! 

Just another example of how our laws and the consequences for breaking them seldom apply to wealthy people and corporations. 

Whick makes me wonder if Ted Kennedy will take responsibility for killing Mary Jo Kopechne before he soon dies and joins her!  

It just amazes me how so many people can let that man and the Kennedy family get away with murder…albeit negligent vehicular manslaughter.

The fact that he left that woman in a submerged car fighting for her life and gasping for air in an air pocket for who knows how many hours while he consulted with his buddies and lawyers to figure out how he would save his political career,  is beyond inhumane.

After all these years he still doesn’t have the remorse or “the balls” to tell her parents the truth.

The fact that he is revered by so many is an absolute travesty and one of life’s absurdities that I will never understand.

Would somebody who has voted for Ted Kennedy please explain to me how you can reconcile the death of Mary Jo Kopechne and pull that voting booth lever for that murderer?


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