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X-Men: Bore-igins… ZING!

In Film on May 7, 2009 at 12:54 PM

Okay, it wasn’t boring. But I did find X-Men Origins: Wolverine underwhelming. So much so that I really do not feel like spending the time necessary to write a full review. So (like most of the storylines in the movie itself) I’ll keep this short and underdeveloped:


-Hugh Jackman still makes a great Logan and does the character justice. Unfortunately the writers do him no favors.

-Liev Schreiber steps up and plays a convincing Sabertooth.

-The action scenes work pretty well. They don’t fall into the usual trap of super fast cutting.

-Seeing Wolverine fight through American history during the opening credits was badass.


-I feel like nothing was accomplished after 107 minutes. Which is the major flaw with an origins movie to begin with. When you’ve already seen the ‘After’ picture, the ‘Before’ loses its drama.

-Feels stagnated. It never flows. The film feels like a collection of scenes and set pieces rather than a cohesive experience.

-Uses every action movie cliche in the book.


-The final boss. My God, he freaked me right the hell out.

-I know there were multiple easter eggs at the end of the credits and mine was totally lame. I feel robbed. Damn you West Springfield!

-Sound off with your take in the comments below!

  1. wolverine was given three demeanor:

    2.Charmingly gruff
    3.torn between the beast inside and the morals he kinda wants to follow

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