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May Madness: ‘Idol’ Final Four

In Music, Television on May 1, 2009 at 1:18 AM

I’ve put this off long enough. I have got to sound off on American Idol now that we are down to the final four. But first let me say, yes, I watch American Idol. I know it’s all filler/garbage during elimination nights, the product placement is atrocious and Paula is intolerable. But the talent this year is fantastic, the songs are fun to listen to, Simon is still the man and the drama of who goes and who stays is irresistible. So let’s get right to it:

ADAM: Has my vote. By far the best performer/entertainner and most innovative. He is a phenomenal talent. His song selection (minus that little Ring of Fire mishap) has been impeccable. More specifically, his renditions of Tracks of my Tears and Mad World were some of the best performances the show has ever seen.

That being said: he may not win. For a few reasons. 1. Many people think he already has it in the bag so they don’t put in the effort of voting (like myself). Which is why I think he was in the bottom two this week (unless that was just a producer’s way of ratcheting up the excitement). 2. Stuff like this has got to scare FOX when they consider the prospect of him becoming the new mascot of their highest rated show.

KRIS: Consistently good. I really like Kris’ voice and his song choices. He was the best and bravest during disco week without a doubt. He is my second choice and I would not be surprised one bit if he won and I’d be okay with that. The reason his chances are better than Adam’s is that he is more marketable. He has a broader appeal, a more soothing presence and a clean look. But he’s weak in terms of charisma and personality. So it’s a tossup. He is talented enough to be the next American Idol, without question (I mean if Taylor Hicks can win…). Then again, he was in the bottom three this week, for what reason I do not know.

ALLISON: The youngster is my third choice. She has always been a strong contender but her problem is her limited range. All her performances blend together for me. While I’m listening to her I’m impressed but it’s easily forgettable. She hasn’t proven she is a unique artist, as Kara would say. Also, she’s a bit too similar to Kelly Clarkson. America needs something fresher than that, which has been proven by her recent visits to the bottom three. But she will certainly shine this week with the rock and roll theme.

DANNY: The guy with the dead wife. I’ve only heard this secondhand but apparently his dying wife’s last wish was for him to compete on Idol. If someone wants to confirm that be my guest, but it explains part of why he gets so many votes. I think he’s a fine singer, but who makes up his audience? What demographic would buy his albums? Ultimately, that’s what FOX wants: to sell albums. And Danny is not a lock for that if you ask me. I hope sympathy votes don’t sway America too heavily, at the end of the day this is a singing competition. And, great as he is at times, the other three are all better.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s more talent among these top four than a lot of previous Idol winners. If you never watched or gave up on it like I did, I suggest you give it another shot. At the risk of sounding corny: it’s good, wholesome entertainment. A fun diversion from life to escape to. And, at the very least, something to blog about.

  1. I completely have to agree with everything you just said. And like I said before about Adam, I think he’s better off not winning. But I will admit, the first sentence of your Danny-thoughts was a little harsh, “The guy with the dead wife.” I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Then proceeded to read it to my friend who is sitting next to me and she just put her head in her hands and laughed as well.

  2. I would like to see Kris go next. He seems to be the least talented of the final four. If it wasn’t for his smile and the Tweens he has won over, he would have been gone before Anoop. Danny has impressed me every week, but it is down to small differences and Kris’s popularity may have Danny going home. In the end, I believe, (hope) Alison will loose to Adam. If Adam doesn’t win, the entire process is flawed and will not be worth my attention next season.

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