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Fake Guns: Menace to Society?

In Society on April 26, 2009 at 6:33 AM

A few days ago I was with some friends when a somewhat troubling notion struck me, though it is easiest explained by relating the actual events of the day.

So on this day me, my friend Jack, and my friend Angela were driving to the jolly ol’ land of taco bell. While driving, my friend Jack (in the passenger seat) stretched his hand out the window and formed a fake gun with his hand, tracking someone walking on the sidewalk and shouting “bang!”. Now this was simplistically funny to me but my friend Angela seemed to think that it was a terrible idea, one that would involve the fuzz (police) to become irate with us.

Comparing our two different reactions surprised me somewhat, it was one of the first instances where I realized a child-like action looks very very bad as an adult. In all probability we could’ve got picked up by the cops and had our intents questioned given the slew of school shootings that have taken place. Which is both ridiculous and somehow not surprising.

We live in a society that is scared of many things, and because there are so many people doing so many things, childish actions like these will most likely catch some activists eye and cause them to start propagating their concerns  all over the place like a loose fire hose thrashing about. I don’t know whether to be pissed off or to just accept the state of our society, because although such fear is ridiculous, it isn’t completely unfounded.

So do you think if you were driving in a car and someone started pointing their fingers at people and saying “bang”  you would be amused? Or might you be taken aback?

  1. It would not be amusing…there is nothing amusing about someone
    pointing anything at you, let alone a fake gun. It would show me
    that you had an intention on your mind of something violent, not funny. Otherwise you could just give the finger and I’d be ok with that.

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