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Hello CEO… Go Ahead & Fly Privately

In Business, News on April 20, 2009 at 8:25 PM

It has been a while since I have read anything regarding aviation.  However, this past weekend I decided to get back in tune with my roots.  I was reading some past articles regarding companies and their private jets.  Most of them were about how the government discourages the use of this form of “luxury” transportation and the negatives of a CEO flying privately rather than commercial.  Just take a moment and think about it with me.  It is not always about the luxury.  These articles seem to center on words like: luxury, expensive, abused, impractical and so on.

Let me tell you.  If I ever become a CEO of a significant company, I would expect to fly privately.  I would 100% expect it.  Do not put me on a commercial aircraft that flies numerous times a day with 150+ people on board.  Okay, relax… I have my reasons… and they are legit.  I am not stuck up.  I am not materialistic.  I do not feel like I need to be showered with only the best.  I am being reasonable here.  Let me explain why flying privately is beneficial for a company.

Being the CEO of a company is such an important role.  With a great CEO, you have a great company.  We all know examples.  He or she is a public figure, the face of the company.  In my own opinion, there are three major reasons why a CEO or other key individuals of a company need to fly privately.  First… security.  There are limited threats and access to a CEO compared to being on a commercial aircraft with complete strangers.  There are some whacky people out there.  We all know that.  Second… maintenance.  The maintenance done on private jets is incredible.  The owners and companies flying these aircraft expect them to be in perfect working condition and nothing less.  This high level of maintenance allows the CEO to know he or she is safe on their trip.  Third… scheduling.  There is nothing like having multiple meetings in one day around the country and being able to attend all of them with ease.  I have seen it done.  When a CEO from the east coast has a meeting on the west coast, then in the midwest, and finally back up north… it can be done.  The CEO could arrive at the airport, board the jet, and depart the airport getting him or her off the ground before any of the commercial companies can get half their passengers in line to board.  These are not the only reasons why flying privately is beneficial, but they are three great reason why it is beneficial.

Obviously there have been companies that abuse their private jets but realistically, this form of transportation is justified.  They just should not be using a 16-passenger aircraft when flying only three or four people.  Purchase or charter the aircraft that is most practical.  That’s all.  Now, with all that said… go ahead and fly privately.  I support the idea.


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